Saturday, July 4, 2009

Go Away and Stay Away, Sarah Palin

So it hasn't been a miserable enough week with all the celebrities dying and that frizzy-haired whack-job in North Korea shooting off missiles just for the hell of it, when that complete waste of a life known as Sarah Palin sees fit to inflict one of her political bowel movements on this country the day before we celebrate our independence.

That she waited until the day before Independence Day to announce her "independence" from her elected office shows a grasp of subtlety and symbolism that is on a par with a second-grader marching around town with a "TOMORROW IS MY BIRTHDAY" sign. Also if she would have announced today, July 4th, absolutely no one would have paid attention. Palin never, ever says or does anything that doesn't have an ulterior motive behind it. To say she is calculating, cynical and duplicitous is an enormous understatement. To pretend that she has anything interesting or useful to say is pathological.

In a completely rambling, disjointed, stream-of-consciousness news conference - which is much more indicative of someone who is very much used to having other people tell her what to say as opposed to saying what she actually means - Palin blathered on and on about a variety of subjects, which covered a bewildering range from a simple-minded basketball metaphor to complaining about people making fun of her disabled child, Trig. Really? People saying bad things about a child born with Down Syndrome? I want to know who they are, because even I have a problem with that and I pretty much hate children. To me it's much more objectionable that Palin is invoking her own disabled child to make her point about what a terrible, awful, horrible thing national politics and the media are, and how it has been just grinding up her and her family who are really good people and don't deserve such treatment, even if we ignore their completely dysfunctional trailer-trash qualities. It was a surreal news clip: Palin droning on, making less sense with every passing second, while seagulls or geese or something honked and cackled in the background, like they were laughing and making fun of every word she was saying.

Well Sarah Palin, you most definitely deserve all the abuse, degradation, humiliation and derision that you get, and much much more. And if it spills over onto your family, that's too damned bad. You're the one that puts them in the media spotlight every single day, so deal with it, you moron. You are the one who cynically and unashamedly uses them and does anything to further your own political ambitions. Like the saying goes, "if you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen." If you don't have the courage and the intellectual integrity to stand up to your legions of critics and take responsibility for the outrageous idiocy that seems to come as naturally to you as breathing does to everyone else, don't blame it on the media. If you're looking to blame someone, take a look in the mirror.

Palin sold her soul to the right-wing lie factory when she became a candidate, and she gladly and willingly acquiesced to every single idiotic thing they had her do and say. EVERY word that came out of her mouth at political rallies and appearances was staged and scripted down to the smallest detail. This was very graphically shown when Palin was interviewed by CBS' Katie Couric who asked her a perfectly innocuous question about newspapers she has read and Palin completely went off the rails, sounding like a dolt who was totally incapable of forming a coherent thought. After she had her emperor's-new-clothes moment and was unequivocally shown on national television to be a dimwitted moron, her Republican handlers blamed the media for doing a "gotcha" interview. Well if she wasn't such a blathering, brainless dope she wouldn't have gotten "caught" with a question that a nine-year-old could answer. That is a time-worn and much-used page from the Republican playbook: when your candidate proves beyond a shadow of a doubt how ignorant and unqualified they are, always blame the media.

You can only cover up stupidity for so long, and it became clear after about two weeks that Palin would not be able to keep her dismal lack of intelligence under wraps much longer. The rest of the campaign just reinforced how incredibly unqualified she is to hold any form of national office, let alone one so close to the Presidency. That John McCain even brought her on the national scene is just one more reason in a very long series of reasons why that senile old scumbag needs to spend all eternity burning in hell.

America deserves so much better than McCain/Palin, and I wake up every morning thanking the universe that they were defeated. It's somewhat of a mystery as to Palin's motives behind stepping down from the Alaska governor's office. I can't imagine how that could possibly help her if she is considering a White House run in 2012. After all, we can just make the point that if she bailed out on the people who voted for her because being governor was too difficult or stressful for her, what is she going to do as president or vice-president when the going gets really rough? Will she get stressed and bail out then, too?

Sarah Palin is the Britney Spears of American politics. Actually more like Britney Spears circa 2006 when she was shaving her head and beating cars with umbrellas. It's really hard to determine a motive behind her actions yesterday, which on the surface appear to be a form of political suicide, but you can be sure she is up to no good. We should never underestimate the power of a stupid, dead-headed, loud-mouthed moron who has a large number of other stupid morons supporting her. It mystifies me to my very core how anyone could see any good in her. She is profoundly and genuinely stupid, intellectually and morally bankrupt, a smarmy liar, a hater of wildlife and a despoiler of the environment, supremely cynical, absolutely devoid of anything resembling class, and more than willing to whore herself and her family out if it means advancing her agenda. She is the incredibly annoying little lap dog of the conservative right, always ready to degrade herself in any way her masters tell her to, and is rapidly carving out a niche for herself right next to other right-wing septic tanks like Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter. Sarah Palin is a world-class blight and an acute embarrassment to this country. Without a doubt the best thing she could ever do is take a long, long walk out into the Alaska wilderness and never, ever come back.

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