Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Down The Tubes

The level of political discourse in this country is really headed down the toilet as we enter the home stretch of summer. The right-wing opponents of President Obama have stooped to new lows, even for them, and the fact that they are surpassing their own benchmarks of idiocy and deadheaded stupidity is a truly alarming development.

First off, the birthers still refuse to give up and go away despite the mountains of overwhelming evidence against their god-forsaken yammering. Their latest stink bomb is a supposed copy of Obama's Kenyan birth certificate. does a much better job of refuting this nonsense than I could, so if you're interested please check out their website here. But over and over again the right-wingers will grasp onto whatever paper-thin shred of evidence they can dream up (even something which is a ridiculous outright forgery as this) and give it the aura of unassailable truth. When you have to start manufacturing evidence to back up your moronic claims, you're pretty much out of gas. But the conservative pundits have never let inconvenient things like the truth get in the way of shooting off their big mouths.

Next up in the idiot parade are all the rude, immature dickheads who are standing up at "town hall" meetings with their Congressional representatives and screaming and shouting them down when it comes to reforming health care. It's obvious that these "spontaneous" outbursts are anything but, because the blowhards on conservative radio are clearing advocating and coordinating these efforts, and the dimwitted, mindless sheep that make up their audience are more than happy to be recruited because I'm sure it makes them feel like they're doing something. But standing up and shouting at someone is something that petulant third-graders do when they don't get their way, and it only emphasizes the utter desperation and intellectual bankruptcy of their positions.

I'm willing to bet that the majority of those people who stand up and shriek about "socialism" have no idea what the word means. If there is anything in this country that is completely and fundamentally broken and just screams out to be repaired, it is the health care system. Keeping this system in place without reform is probably one of the surest ways to financial disaster this country has ever faced. But these people continue to try to block and frustrate every attempt at defusing this ticking time bomb because their hatred of the President is so all-consuming and blinding. And the only method left to them (because obviously reasoned argument and thoughtful debate are completely incomprehensible, alien options) is juvenile, disrespectful bullying.

Ever since the election last November, the right-wingers have continued to embarrass themselves at every turn. They never will accept of the fact that THEIR CANDIDATE LOST. He is the LOSER. It just irks them to no end that McCain/Palin was such a profoundly loathsome, unattractive combination that the electorate overwhelmingly chose a black president, and they in their thinly-disguised racism hate that so much. It is something that sticks in their collective craws like a big piece of broken glass and will not go away. But expecting conservatives to feel even a little bit of remorse or shame for their disgraceful, childish and hateful actions is like expecting the sun to rise in the west tomorrow - it just isn't going to happen. It is something that in better times would be merely an amusing sideshow, a political Theatre of the Damned or a monstrously bad American Idol audition. But it just so happens that the future of the country is at stake, and we just don't have time for this kind of extreme stupidity.

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