Sunday, September 20, 2009

Time For A Bunny Break!

I admit I've been on a blogging rampage recently. Temperamentally unable to let stupid people skate by unchallanged, I am compelled to take to task idiots who wear their profound lack of intelligence like some bizarro-world badge of honor. My blog posts practically write themselves, what with conservative Republicans - always my target of choice - working harder than ever to serve up gigantic, humongous, festering, steaming piles of stupid, of every stripe and variety. And it never ends! Just today on the news they showed some dried-up, puckered old woman at the "Values Voters" confab who said in all seriousness that she "gets her news from the Fox News Channel because they give you both sides of the issue, and the mainstream media only gives you the liberal view." Stupidity of that magnitude is simply a force of nature, like an earthquake or an F-5 tornado. Awesome and appalling at the same time, you tremble when you see it but still can't get out of its way, like a freight train bearing down on you. Witnessing it is like falling into a toilet. Not only is the actual experience pretty awful, but afterward you feel dirty and disgusting and soiled for a really long time.

So I figured it's time to stop taking cheap shots at the terminally ignorant (for a little while), and wallow in some of the finer things of life - rabbits! There is no better remedy for the corrosive effect that mass stupidity has on your soul than to contemplate the beauty, perfection and sweetness of the rabbit. These, then, are some of the wonderful bunnies who have come into my life recently, some for a short time and others for a bit longer, and have done much to renew my faith that there are some good things in life worth appreciating.

This is Gunnar, a super-sweet little guy whom I captured as a stray in a backyard in south Phoenix. A very nice elderly couple called our Rescue and said they needed help catching a bunny who had been in their yard for the past three weeks. I went to their home with a humane trap and was explaining to them how to set it up, when they mentioned that the bunny is out in their yard right now. I went out to see and spotted this cute little guy hiding under a bush. He allowed me to come up to him and pet him, and as I did I grabbed him. He was very frightened and let out a loud scream, but he soon calmed down and relaxed in my arms. I have him home with me now in foster care and after some initial shyness, he is blossoming and becoming very friendly. He is incredibly beautiful, full of sweetness, and docile. He will make someone a fantastic companion some day.

Minnie is a very interesting and beautiful bunny. She appears to be a breed called Champagne d'Argente, a very old and popular breed in Europe but not very common in the U.S. Her fur coloring and markings are breath-taking, and people cannot stop looking at her and marveling at her. She's had a pretty tough life so far, being innocently and unfairly victimized by a hoarder who kept her and nearly 60 other bunnies in horrible conditions. But as all bunnies seem to have, she has a remarkable capacity to get past her terrible treatment and learn to love and trust again. She is a very exceptional, and exceptionally beautiful girl.

This is Talia, whom I featured in an earlier post on this blog, entitled "Talia's Dance of Joy". Talia came to us with a horrendous, awful and nearly unbelievable infection of her face, due to being bitten by another animal. Her face was so swollen and the pain she experienced must have been horrific. Now, months later, she is an extremely happy, playful and active girl. She loves nothing more than to come out of her cage for some free run time in the house. She absolutely cannot help but jump, spin and dance in the air out of sheer joy.

This is Mr. O'Reilly, a nine-and-a-half year old Holland lop who came to our shelter when his elderly owner passed away. Unneutered, he was the horniest old geezer you've ever seen. Talk about a one-track mind, even at his age. And he most definitely did NOT need any Viagra. In fact he was so unrelentingly, inappropriately horny all the time I began to call him "Senator." He is happily living in foster care with another volunteer, but he is such a memorable, lovable guy, and I hope he lives a very long time.

These are just some of the bunnies I feel so very blessed, honored and privileged to have gotten to know. Their good, pure and beautiful souls are a never-ending source of joy to me. They are truly some of the wonderful things in life that are easy to overlook, but can bring such a wealth of inspiration and love to anyone willing to open their hearts to them.

You can find out more about these lovable buns at the Brambley Hedge Rabbit Rescue website.

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