Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Night Blog

6:44 pm:
It's election night 2012 and I'm here with my blog, Facebook, CNN and a couple of other things on my laptop, in front of my flat-screen TV.  I feel so digitally connected and "with-it," I can't even tell you.  I'll be making periodic updates to this blog post in real time as stuff happens.  Hopefully most everything will be resolved in reasonable time but I am going to be here for the long haul.  I will be taking a "Sons of Anarchy" break around 8:30.  Ain't gonna miss my SOA.

6:57 pm:
Early results from Massachusetts shows Elizabeth Warren in a slight lead over Dirtbag Deluxe Scott Brown.  Kick his sorry ass, Liz!

7:06 pm:
More early results:  Obama takes New York, New Jersey, New Mexico and Michigan, Romney takes Texas, Louisiana, Wyoming, North and South Dakota and a couple of other states that no one gives a shit about.

7:08 pm:
Florida is tied 50-50 with 74% of the vote in.  PLEASE Florida, don't be a bunch of assholes.

7:15 pm:
Pennsylvania my home state goes for Obama!  WOOHOO!  Thank you, PA, I am loving you big time.

7:17 pm:
Arizona senate race between Richard Carmona and slimy scum-sucker Jeff Flake still too close to call.  It would be SUCH a sweet triumph if Carmona won.

7:29 pm:
Wisconsin goes to Obama and their 10 electoral votes puts him ahead of Romney for the first time tonight, 158-153.  I like this trend.

7:42 pm:
NBC News projecting Elizabeth Warren the winner for the Senate seat in Massachusetts, over Scott Brown.  YESSSSS!  Wonderful, wonderful news!!!

7:46 pm:
Indiana Senate race has Democrat John Donnelly projected to win over fundamentalist asswipe Richard Mourdock ("rape is god's will").  Karma is a bitch and so are you, Mourdock, so grab your ankles and take it up the butt like a good Republican loser.

7:50 pm:
NBC News projects New Hampshire going for Obama!  YAAY!  This was a hotly contested state and they swung the right way.  Democrats making some great gains in Senate races.  Keep it up!!!

8:04 pm:
Electoral vote count tied at 162-162.  Not worried.

8:06 pm:
Claire McCaskill wins over gigantic bowel movement Todd Akin in Missouri.  YES YES YES!!!!

8:17 pm:
Formerly Democratic Senate seat in Kansas goes Republican.  Do not like.

8:34 pm:
Arizona, the Land That Time Forget, goes for Romney.  This state is full of ignorant, uneducated dirtbags.

8:43 pm:
Minnesota goes to Obama.  Whoopee!!

9:00 pm:
Obama wins a BIG, BIG prize - California - 55 electoral votes!  Also Washington, Oregon & Hawaii. Damn!!!  Obama is in striking distance of victory with 243!!!!!

9:05 pm:
North Carolina goes to Romney.  Bastards.

9:12 pm

9:55 pm:
Fox News is going nuts, they are the funniest show on television.  Karl Rove is grasping at thin air, trying to say that Romney has a chance in Ohio.  Even Fox News' own number crunchers say NFW, Ohio goes to Obama.  SO damned funny!

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