Wednesday, May 27, 2009

An Historic Choice

History was certainly made yesterday when Barack Obama announced his choice for the first of what hopefully will be several opportunities to fill vacancies on the U.S. Supreme Court. Sonia Sotomayor seems to be a capable, very qualified selection who is sure to bring a welcomed sense of balance and diversity to the nation's highest court, which for far too long has been the haven of boring old men. While her addition to the Court will not change the current ideological balance much, her fresh attitude, experiences and judicial accomplishments will do much to counterbalance the reactionary bigotry of Antonin Scalia and the empty-headed, knee-jerk conservatism of Clarence Thomas, probably one of the most unqualified dunderheads ever to make it to the Court.

Next to snagging the presidency, filling Supreme Court vacancies is the Holy Grail of American politics, a chance for a president-elect and a party to stamp their own imprint on judicial decisions which affect each and every one of us for many years after the president leaves office. Sotomayor is still young enough that she may hold on to her seat for several decades into the future.

But it's also been very amusing and gratifying to watch the right-wing hot-air machine spin itself into overdrive, nearly spitting in apoplexy as they fulminate and bloviate over her nomination. Everything they say drips with frustration and barely-concealed racism. You can almost hear them append every "But she's a liberal activist!" comment with "and she's a Latina!!" Yeah, God forbid we should ever get a Hispanic and a woman on the highest court of the land. Hispanics are the fastest-growing minority in America right now and women are the majority in the country. What a horrible thing, according to the conservatives, to have representation for these upstarts.

Anything that gets conservatives upset makes me very happy, and I'm enjoying all the right-wing outrage and blathering. Today on ABC's "Good Morning America" they featured a debate between James Carville and right-wing spokescreep, the execrable, loathsome and vile Ann Coulter. Let me just say that if anyone ever decides to market a line of clothing to methamphetamine-addicted scarecrows, Ann Coulter would be their perfect model. Dripping with her usual brittle, psychopathic contempt, Coulter decried the "politicization" of Supreme Court choices, like this was the first time that has ever happened. ALL Supreme Court choices are highly political and they always have been. It's too great an opportunity for the party in power to pass up. I'm sure she didn't have much to say in the way of criticism when former Retard-in-Chief George W. Bush nominated John Roberts and Sam Alito to the court. Where was her faux-outrage then? Carville was moderate and well-spoken this time, although I realize that being married to Republican fupa-fluffer Mary Matalin must really test your tolerance and sanity.

Of course the dimwitted Senator John Kyl (R-Az) has to step forward and take the lead in the upcoming Cavalcade of Stupidity and threaten to filibuster this nomination. I say, let him do it. Let him paralyze the Senate in these critically important times and let the Republican party take the full blame for it. Call his bluff, I'd love to see him pass out at the podium after 36 hours of reading the Washington telephone directory. Let him try, and then when they haul him out of there, confirm Sotomayor's selection. And tell the rest of the Republicans to enjoy their king-sized ration of crap. As usual, they deserve it.

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