Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Sadly Ironic

Last Sunday saw the murder of Wichita, KS abortion provider Dr. George Tiller by anti-abortion rights zealot Scott Roeder. That's the sad part. The ironic part is that the murder was committed in church where Dr. Tiller was serving as an usher. The fact that some evil, hate-filled individual, who presumably professes to be devoutly religious and is serving "the will of God," saw it necessary to bring their psychopathology into a place of worship and commit one of the most heinous acts possible in the presence of a congregation, the victim's wife, and again presumably God Himself, boggles the imagination. What kind of deranged dirtbag thinks it's okay to murder someone during Sunday services in a church?

There must be a special place in hell reserved for the likes of Roeder and deservedly so, whose lives are so choked with rage and self-loathing that they have to spread it around far and wide, hiding behind the shield of religion, infecting everything they touch and spreading death and sorrow everywhere they go.

But equally repellent and disturbing are the spokespersons for the pro-life movement and right-wing media pundits who go through the same tired routine every time something like this happens. First they condemn the crime in tepid, carefully-chosen words which reek of false piety and insincerity. Then, after doing their due diligence and getting the formalities out of the way, they unleash their true feelings, which are that the victim "deserved" what happened to him or her and it is only a fair and just consequence to their actions. Randall Terry of anti-abortion group Operation Rescue was in the media doing exactly what I just said, referring to Dr. Tiller as a "mass murderer," and took absolutely no responsibility for fomenting and encouraging an atmosphere of hate and lawlessness which directly contributed to his murder. In my opinion Operation Rescue should be designated as a terrorist organization which espouses the vicious murders of health care professionals who are performing a requested, legal service to individuals fully capable of making their own decisions in such matters, and Randall Terry should be prosecuted as accessory to murder before the fact. The world would truly be a much better place without him and his ilk.

Similarly, flatulent gasbag and waste of protoplasm Bill O'Reilly on the asinine, worthless media cancer known as Fox News also tossed in his boring and predictable opinion, issuing a very brief, perfunctory condemnation and then assailing his "far left critics" for taking him to task for his repeated hate-speech in regards to abortion rights. What a sick, pathetic and damaged individual he is. What is it about his life that consumes him with such unbridled hatred of anybody and anything that disagrees with him that he has to spew such invective over and over again each and every day, under the guise of "journalism"? It must really suck to be him, and I might feel a teeny-tiny bit sorry for him if he wasn't such an irredeemable, deliberate and total asshole. The only things sadder than having a broken, disturbed person such as O'Reilly befouling the surface of the earth is having a cesspool like Fox News as a vehicle for his mental illnesses and millions of viewers who gladly partake in his poisonous diatribes every day.

There are a lot of things I wish for in this world. I wish there were no cruelty toward animals, and every pet would be wanted and loved and have a home. Likewise I wish there were no abused and neglected children, and that every child conceived into this world would at the very least be afforded what should be a basic right: a home with parents who would provide the means to at least attempt to reach their potential as human beings. I wish abortion was not necessary, and that children were planned for and wanted. But as long as human beings act like selfish, thoughtless pigs and just do whatever they damned well please because it is their "right," without fear of consequence or responsibility, unwanted children and abortions will still occur.

I firmly believe that the government has no business at all restricting reproductive freedom in women. It is solely and completely the purview of a woman as to what should happen to her body. Conservatives constantly bemoan the lack of "personal responsibility," but it seems to me that a woman deciding her own reproductive destiny is taking on the ultimate "personal responsibility." Or maybe conservatives think everyone should take responsibility for their actions except when it comes to women and their bodies. After all, the Bible says women should always be subservient to men.

Conservatives continue to defile the meaning of religion by claiming they have some kind of Biblical right to commit murder in the name of God and unborn children. They purport to have a "reverence for human life" but still rejoice when an opponent is murdered and see no ethical contradiction in that. There are many men in the anti-abortion movement whose strident, radical positions on the "rights of the unborn" have far less to do with their deeply-felt moral convictions and much more to do with their frustration with lack of control over women's bodies. Women don't need the consent or approval of men to have an abortion, and men don't like these uppity women having that kind of control. It would be one thing if these men just sat in their trailer parks and screamed at their televisions for hours and blamed Barack Obama for their valueless, pointless lives - we could just ignore them. But when they take it upon themselves to murder someone during a church service, then it becomes everyone's problem.

America will never be the "land of the free and home of the brave" as long as there are reprehensible cowards such as Scott Roeder and Bill O'Reilly.

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